Solution for Travel & Tourism

Travel organisations, tourism departments and entities that wish to promote global destinations, local hot-spots, unique experiences and native cuisines can effectively use Monetise Social to reach out to travellers all over the world.

Monetise Social will turn your travellers into formidable fans who will swear by the experiences you can give them on the Monetise Social
platform. Help them to wade through the clutter of attention-seeking marketing campaigns by providing them with access to the best offers on accommodation, dining and experiences of your city.

How does it work?

All you need to do is get your travellers onto the Monetise Social platform. By offering them big savings on experiences and activities on vacations, you can ensure their participation and engagement. This direct access to savings on an extensive range of products and services will benefit the traveller, whilst enabling you to gain quality traction with the most relevant audience.

With travel being a definitive experience for this generation, all you need is the right platform to efficiently connect with an audience that is ready to pack their bags at a moment’s notice!

How do I get started?

Drop a line to us at Monetise Social, profile who your fans are, and what are they looking for in vacations. The better you know your travellers, the better we can help you to be their travel guide. With such big savings on offer, you will influence, interact and connect with your travellers by enabling them to turn their wanderlust into authentic, memorable journeys

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