Solution for Sports Organisations

Monetise Social is an ideal platform for sports organisations to fully leverage their fans and social media followers. Sports has long induced loyalty, passion and often polarising allegiance from the public for hundreds of years. Today in the digital age, although it is easy to boast of millions of fans and followers, one cannot deny that only a small fraction of these massive online armies engage actively with their favourite teams and clubs. Monetise Social will help you to connect on a more personal level with all of your fans and followers far greater than simply liking or sharing posts. By making your fans and followers feel valued and acknowledged, you will be rewarded by virtue of their unwavering loyalty.

How does it work?

Simply encourage your fans to download the Monetise Social application, thereby giving them access to generous deals and discounts on a wide variety of products and services. By using the Monetise Social application, your fans get to make savings on every purchase they make, and have access to exclusive offers, products and services. You get to consolidate the power of your fans’ loyalty on a single platform, and to actively engage them, by gaining unique insights.

How do I get started?

Connect with Monetise Social! Get in touch with us and be ready with information about your social media following. Understand who is your quintessential fan, and how they interact with you. We will help you to understand how you can use this connection to build a permanent, mutually beneficial partnership.

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