About Monetise Social

What is Monetise Social?
Monetise Social is a platform that facilitates easy leveraging of social media fans. Famous sports clubs, celebrities, organisations and entities have massive armies of loyal, passionate and highly engaged fans and followers on different social media platforms. By giving them access to the best ecommerce and in-store deals and offers, Monetise Social allows you to connect with your fans and social media followers on a deeper level. The Monetise Social technology is a gateway for your fans to attractive offers and discounts on varied products and services, and it is a comprehensive platform for you to engage with them.

Who can benefit from it?
Entities that have a sizable fan following on social media can use Monetise Social as a revenue stream. Individual celebrities, sports-persons, actors, sports clubs, and organisations that engage with their fans and supporters all over the world can use Monetise Social to unite their following on a single platform. The fans will have access to hefty discounts and incredible deals on various products and services, which will keep them coming back for more!

How do I get started?
Get in touch with Monetise Social! You must be equipped with a thorough understanding of your core fan-base and their demographics. We will help you to understand the best way to increase engagement and to cement their loyalty into a mutually beneficial lifetime association.

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